Lynn Gant MSc BSc (Hons)

Pilates Plus Physio


Pilates Plus Physio is a professional Physiotherapy and Pilates practice run by highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapist, Lynn Gant and is based in the Elysia Therapy Centre, Stourbridge.

Lynn has over 25 years Physiotherapy experience in both NHS and private practice settings and has worked within Orthopaedic and Rheumatology Consultant clinics. As well as a Physiotherapy degree, Lynn has a Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. This means she has specialist knowledge in Musculoskeletal medicine, as well as the broad knowledge base gained during a Physio degree.

The practice offers specialist assessment, diagnosis, and treatments for a wide range of conditions. These can include spinal and other joint disorders, soft tissue injuries, headaches, sports injuries and many more.


Enhance your fitness and well-being

Small Pilates Classes in Stourbridge for all ages and abilities